Mastectomy Lanyard for Shower use. Lanyard Holds Surgical Drain Bulbs. Bath & Shower Lanyard

Hugs Comfort Wrap

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Mastectomy Lanyard for Shower & Bath use. Lanyard Holds Surgical Drain Bulbs. Bath Lanyard for limited mobility use. Provides great Drain Bulb Support under or over your clothing as well.
The perfect shower Lanyard to hold drain bulbs after surgery. Typically you will be allowed to shower within a week or two post surgery. You will need something to hold the drain bulbs while you shower or bathe. We created a lanyard that works for exactly this purpose or even just to hold your drain bulbs when dressed.
  • Full 34" long
  • Breakaway buckle that is so easy to use when you are sore and have limited mobility. Not heavy or complicated to open
  • Simply pull the Buckle apart, thread your drain bulbs on and push the buckle back together! That's it!
  • Water resistant materials that you only have to hang or pat to dry
  • Smooth, thin buckle that lays flat
  • Attractive Denim look Strap that has the pattern on both sides
  • Strap material is incredibly durable, yet soft and lightweight. A much needed post surgery gift that can be used as a regular lanyard as well