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Hugs Comfort Wrap

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INNOVATIVE DESIGN DETAILS: 'V' Cut expansion openings are not abrasive under your arm & allow for a better fit for everyone. FULL underarm support that is gentle & not too heavy! Interior fill is thoughtfully layered in such a way that the air channel between layers keep the Hugs Comfort Wrap feeling lightweight with spring-like protection over your tender incision area. It literally HUGS your body, protects your incision & gives you somewhere to comfortably rest your arms. So Caress-able that you feel supported, comforted and relaxed.
  • Super Soft Fleece Cover
  • Extra Cushy Fill that Keeps a Thick & Protective Loft
    • Never lumpy
    • Fill will not shift
    • Safe under a seat belt
  • Amazingly lightweight for those with limited mobility
  • One Size Fits All. Full 34" of Wrap Around Comfort
  • Completely Machine Washable
    • Other brands can only be spot cleaned
  • 100% Polyester and hypo-allergenic for most people
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