Have you Changed your Habits because of the Corona Virus?

Posted by Laura Hubbard on

I am Really Curious!

Have you changed your Habits because of the Corona Virus?

If so, what have you changed?

  • Do you wash your hands more? Have you quit going to, or are now minimizing going to public places? Have you cancelled or delayed a trip? Is anyone who coughs a pariah & better not get within 20 feet of you? 
  • Perhaps you are not worried at all and are confident that this is all overblown by the media. I want to hear from you too!
  • Is your biggest concern the effect on the economy and therefore a possible hit to your pocketbook or job?
  • No way are you buying anymore products from China...
  • Do you have other concerns that no-one seems to be mentioning?

P.S. - Just write a comment! 

Don't respond to someone else's comment no matter how difficult it is for you to hold back! I plan to create a Blog that highlights the most interesting concerns after we see the path this Blog takes us!

This isn't meant to be an argument post - for now it will just  be a
Corona Virus Curiosity Poll 




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