After Surgery Comfort. You or Your Loved One need Practical after Open Heart Surgery Comfort Solutions

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When you or a loved one first get the news that you need to have Open Heart Surgery, it is only natural to have a lot of questions and concerns.

The information that is available to you online is overwhelming for sure! I am focusing on After Surgery Comfort today, because I feel like it is a subject often overlooked.

According to statistics from, today, there are about 500,000 open heart surgeries performed each year. It is most often used for complicated procedures, such as coronary artery bypass, or complex procedures to the aorta or the heart itself.

That is A LOT of Open Heart Surgeries! Real people and their loved ones who need to be prepared with the most useful ways to recover as comfortably as possible!

So, what can you do to help your loved one be prepared? Let's zone in on these common recovery considerations provided by The American Heart Association:

  • Loose fitting pants or shorts. Why?
    • They are easier to put on and take off.
    • Loose, stretchy pants can accommodate a catheter if needed during recovery.
    • Swelling can be common after surgery.
    • Hospital gowns do not offer modesty protection and hall-walking is encouraged during recovery.
  • Comfortable, slip-on shoes or slippers.
  • Women may want to consider a special bra.
    • Post surgery bras can be helpful, especially for women who usually need substantial support. Keep in mind that raising your arms overhead may not be permitted or comfortable so consider investing in a special bra with front or shoulder velcro tabs or hooks.
  • Something loose and comfortable to wear when it’s time to go home.

The American Heart Association also provides this list in a downloadable form. Don't worry - it is only one page - but such a great preparation and reference guide!

It only makes sense that After Surgery Comfort will play an important role in recovery. 

After witnessing my father's & a close friends open heart surgery challenges, I knew that there had to be a better way to help relieve the trauma associated with incision pain in the hospital, then at home and very importantly, with the seat belt in the car!

The Hugs Comfort Wrap was born for exactly this reason. To provide Soft Comfort & Protection over the incision area. 

Things like coughing, sneezing, the hard hospital tray, a laptop, a book, a well meaning hug, the car seat belt are all things that trigger pain. I noted the following in a recent article about surgery recovery and pain management. 

Brace Your Surgery Site

One of the simplest things you can do to prevent surgery pain is to brace your surgical incision. Bracing just means holding your incision/surgery site when you do anything that can cause stress on the site, including standing up, sneezing and coughing. Minimizing the stress on your incision will reduce the pain you feel at the site and reduce your chances of severe complications







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  • I just received this amazing Hugs body wrap from my friend Robyn. I just donated my kidney and the incision area is really sore, this things provides pressure and protection. My dogs jump up at times and this protects that area. I have to ride to the city on Friday and I can see how this will protect the seatbelt fro hitting the area and will provide the pressure I need for a comfortable drive. Thank you so much, it’s remarkable!

    Kim Illingworth on

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